A new resource standard in food industry.
Circular Economy Solutions

About us 

The food industry uses many resources 

  • Water is becoming increasingly scarce and thermal energy causes many CO2 emissions.
  • Meat consumption is decreasing with insects as a protein substitute and with consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious.

Our deal with the customer is a financing contracting for the new purification plants, which saves the customer about one million Swiss francs annually. We have lower operating costs and this results directly in profit.
Our Beachhead market are slaughterhouses in Switzerland. After 2030 we expand to the OECD zone. 
Our systems can be used in the entire food industry. Other areas of application are the agricultural industry, textile, printing and leather industry.

Our customers reduce their operating costs and save their funds. Also they have better quality in their processes, more quantity regarding products, huge reduction in used thermal energy and a smaller environmental impact.

Our dream is that we value all the resources of one Earth through circular economy and a fair and balanced economy. We can only achieve this if we work together!



Roland Oberson

Founder & CEO

Energie Technician

12 years experience in the food industry