A new resource standard in food industry.
Circular Economy Solutions

Our solution

We filter the dirty waste water mechanically and bring the clean water together with the contained energy back into the production process of the customer. 

With High Tech Filtration we can generate side-products which we can sell to the chemical, cosmetics, biotech and plastic industry, they use them to produce 170 tons compostable bio-plastics for packaging, which the food industriy can reuse.

ResiLi AG will save 3.7 billion litres of water annually in Switzerland. That corresponds to 1480 olympic swimming pools. A lifeguard would have to walk 15 hours non-stop from Berne to almost Zurich to get from beginning to end of this pools. 

With the thermal energy we save, we could heat this swimming pools to 30 degrees all year round. In Switzerland alone, we would save 15,285 tons of CO2. The 170 tons of bioplastics obtanied can be used for thousands of applications and have no negative consequences for the environment.

Our solution integrated throughout the OECD can prevent the emission of 3.7 million tons of CO2 per year, which corresponds to approximately 10% of the annual CO2 emissions in Switzerland.